Kyle Fraser - Biomechanist

Kyle has immersed herself in athletics from a young age; both watching and competing in many sports, including playing Varsity Lacrosse at Stanford University. Combining her personal interest in athletics with an academic interest in biomechanics, Kyle majored in Biomechanical Engineering at Stanford, focusing on its application in sport. Kyle joined P3 in 2015 as one of our biomechanists and is now primarily responsible for managing P3's Motion Capture and Force Plate Database. This database allows P3's team of biomechanists to easily assess data, creating an optimal environment for research and analysis. Read More.

Eric Leidersdorf - Director of Biomechanics

Eric has had an enduring interest in studying the science behind athleticism. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, he helped conduct research on the impact of emerging technologies on strength gains in athletes and later went on to major in Biomechanical Engineering. Since joining the P3 team in 2012, Eric has primarily worked with sports […] Read More.

Dr. Marcus Elliott - Founder & Director

Dr. Elliott is a Harvard trained physician specializing in performance enhancement and the development of elite athletes. As Founder and Director of P3, he is dedicated to applying cutting edge science for optimal athletic achievement. He has trained some of the world's best athletes including those at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the Australian Institute of Sport, and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Since 1998, Dr. Elliott's primary focus has been on peak performance and injury prevention in U.S. professional power-based sports, including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Read More.

Adam Hewitt - General Manager

Adam started at P3 in 2010 and currently serves as our General Manager. He has a comprehensive understanding of P3‘s applied sports science methodologies and acts as an important link to athletes, team executives, agents, and global business partners. Adam’s role involves facilitating and driving collaboration amongst P3 team members, and working closely with our founder to develop and manage strategic business partnerships. Adam graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Read More.

Jon Flake - Lead Performance Specialist - SB

Jon has been with P3 since 2015. As a member of the performance team his responsibilities include program design for athletes as well as coaching athletes on the floor. Jon has been working in the strength and conditioning field since 2010. He has experience at both the NCAA Division II and NCAA Division I levels working with athletes across a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, rugby, lacrosse and track and field. Originally a film studies major, Jon developed a passion for strength and conditioning while competing as a collegiate rugby player. That passion lead him to alter course and complete a degree in exercise science. Read More.

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