Sports Organizations

P3 is pioneering the use of advanced sports science applications and front edge technologies in the development and injury prevention of elite athletes. We offer assessment, prescription and consulting services to support your team’s staff and boost individual performance in your athletes. When enlisting P3 you are gaining access to the following:

  • – State of the art biomechanical equipment and technology paired with rigorous testing methods and expert interpretation
  • – Access to the injury prevention/performance intelligence and “Money Ball” like metrics that P3 has spent the past 10-years and countless hours acquiring
  • – Context for all of your athletes’ biomechanics and performance metrics/normative pro athlete data (from the largest pro athlete movement database in the world) relating to injury risk factors and performance
  • – An expert staff who have trained in medicine, physiology, and biomechanics and have years of experience applying science to building better athletes and consulting with global sport’s organizations

Organizational collaborations with P3 can include:

  • – Complete performance and biomechanical analysis at P3 utilizing 3D motion analysis and force plate technology
  • – Remote 3D motion analysis and force plate testing, administered by P3’s staff at event or team facility
  • – Data processing of each athletes’ kinetic and kinematic data to develop team database and generate individual results for each athlete
  • – Detailed reports for strength coaches, medical staff and management regarding athlete injury risk factors, development needs and corrective strategies
  • – Program design – based on quantitative kinetic and kinematic analysis and P3 pro athlete database context
  • – Continued applied sports science education specifically related to your organization’s needs
  • – Off-season performance and injury prevention training at P3
  • – Expert-level physical therapy and rehab at P3

P3 has set-up front-edge injury prevention and performance programs in the NFL, and MLB and provided assessment, prescription and training services to numerous NBA teams.

Other recent applied sports science collaborations include:

  • – NBA Combine assessment and database partnership
  • – Adidas Basketball: NBA and Elite amateur assessment and database partnership