Professional Athletes

Each athlete at P3 is put under the microscopic – we take a medical approach – utilizing 3D Motion Capture and Force Plate technology to objectively assess how you execute the movements of your sport. Once we know everything about how your body functions in these critical movements, we prescribe a very personalized training program to correct biomechanical deficiencies and to optimize relevant athletic needs.

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Based on your assessment and individual needs, your programs may include the following:

  • Linear Speed Development
  • Acceleration
  • Strength Development
  • Agility and Lateral Speed Development
  • Metabolic/Energy System Development
  • Explosive Power Development
  • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Body Mass Management (increasing or decreasing body mass for performance)
  • Multi-Directional Speed
  • Sensory Integration Training
  • First Step Quickness
  • Vertical Jump Training

Full intensive programs for professional athletes are space-limited for optimal personalization. New athletes are accepted on interview basis only. Programs are designed to provide everything the professional athlete needs to prepare for the highest level of performance and to maximize career productivity. In addition to teaching and training base on precise needs, we’ll educate and encourage you to consider this as a first step towards gaining control of your future success by better understanding your own body and its unique requirements.

Intensive programs include 5 days of training per week. Minimum training is 3 days per week during off-season. Contact Adam Hewitt for more information about becoming a P3 Professional Athlete: 805-866-0303 or