P3 Elite Therapy

P3 Elite Therapy

P3 Elite Therapy is an exciting and innovative new model for Physical Therapy combining aspects of manual therapy with biomechanical analysis and correction. The standard idea of rehabilitation as universally applicable protocols and mandatory rest is removed in favor of individualized treatment. Too often athletes are treated with only “passive treatments” such as rest, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound without any focus on active healing or correction of movement flaws. We utilize manual therapy to selectively heal damaged tissues while aggressively working around the injured area to correct biomechanical inefficiencies and enhance performance. Athletes regularly report that they return from injury to a superior level of competition.

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Quality athletic performance occurs when the body moves efficiently and without damage. The key to understanding deficiencies in the body is through customized examination. At P3 Elite Therapy each athlete receives a comprehensive evaluation consisting of:

  • Isolated movement testing
  • Functional movement testing
  • Biomechanical alignment
  • Neurodynamic mobility
  • Individual muscle strength testing
  • Compound muscle strength testing
  • Sport-specific technique analysis

We teach athletes how their bodies move—good and bad—and how this relates to their optimum performance. This knowledge is vital to healing the current injury and preventing additional injury in the future.

Along with the Physical Therapy evaluation, we are constantly observing athletes as they train at P3. This unique facet of care gives us insight into how the athlete moves in sport specific patterns that cannot be replicated in most Physical Therapy clinics. We often find new characteristics of an injury while observing atheletes workout that would otherwise remain hidden and untreated. In the world of professional athletics, we frequently observe that an athlete will be discharged from therapy only to return to faulty movement patterns and subsequently have a “chronic injury.” We believe that specific knowledge of an athlete’s body, combined with precise observation and technique correction, decreases the likelihood of re-injury.

The human body moves easily and free of pain when inflammation is not present and the soft tissues—muscle fiber, tendon fiber, joint capsule, ligament—do not restrict athletic movements. Treatment choices follow this principle and are designed to control the inflammatory response and promote full movement with muscular control. Furthermore, one size does not fit all with respect to physical therapy care. Clinical decisions at P3 Elite Therapy are based upon an individual’s evaluation findings and not a pre-existing protocol. While it’s true that the tools and techniques we utilize are important, HOW we use them for each athlete is paramount. Our manual techniques are a combination of proprietary mobilizations and research-proven manual therapy applied to each athlete in a custom fashion to produce maximal results.

P3 Elite Therapy scheduling is set up so that athletes receive an allotment of time relative to their needs. We find that each individual requires different amounts of treatment on different days. In our model, a 20 or 30 minute scheduled manual therapy session would be inefficient. For every treatment session, we determine the proper length of the visit by comparing how the athlete is feeling with what they are working on in their training and the proximity to their next competition. We regularly spend 45 minutes or more working on an athlete in the early stages of their rehab.

Combining an expert level of manual therapy with the proven physiologic responses that come from P3’s training programs produces rapid gains in function that are retained at a high rate—something that is not regularly observed with standard Physical Therapy.

We have healed athletes from the following organizations: Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Ass0ciation, Women’s National Basketball League, Professional Ironman and ITU Triathletes, ASP World Surf Tour, World Cup Skiing, AVP Beach Volleyball, Professional Track, Mountain, BMX, and Road Cyclists, Professional Rugby League, Div 1 NCAA Track and Cross Country, Div 1 NCAA Basketball, Div 1 NCAA Baseball, Div 1 NCAA Swimming.

P3 Elite Therapists

Mike Swan, MPT

Mike holds a Master’s degree in physical therapy from University of Southern California. Upon graduation at USC, he was awarded the clinical science department’s Graduate Student of the Year. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Mike also achieve All-American status five times as a triathlete, having completed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships seven times and as an ultramarathoner has raced at the 50-mile distance five times, having finished second overall in three of those races.

In his own words: “I got my start into physical therapy because of my own knee injury. From this experience on, I knew I wanted to help people improve through hands-on treatment. I really believe that improving the quality of a person’s life is more important than trying to treat a disease. At P3 I value the opportunity to help some of the nation’s finest athletes get back to their peak level of performance.”