The Science Behind P90X2

Dr. Marcus Elliott currently serves as Chairman of P90X Scientific Advisory Board. His main contribution up to this point is the development of P90X2, which incorporates some of P3’s core training methods. These methods and concepts were previously only available to elite athletes training at P3, and have been tailored to meet the needs of the general public.

Along with helping the masses become more powerful in movement through the successful manipulation of Post Activation Potentiation, P3’s complexes in P90X2 will help people improve their ground foot interactions, proprioceptive awareness, work capacity, body composition, flexibility and will target areas in the body we have found to be weak links (pelvic and scapular stability) in a high percentage of athletes.

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From the P90X website :

“How can you improve on the world’s number one fitness program? P90X was developed to answer customer requests for a program more challenging than Power 90® and Slim in 6®, Beachbody’s original blockbusters. So we set out to make the type of training program that an athlete would use to prepare for a season, except the sport we chose was life in general. Combining the theories of cross-training, progressive overload, periodization, and the specificity of adaptation, we began a series of test groups to try and estimate the tolerance of difficulty that the general public could handle, or more appropriately, would want to. Turns out this was more than we knew at the time—though the fact that we cast test group subjects because they outperformed professional fitness trainers should have given us a clue. The program was so advanced that many professional athletes began using P90X instead of their own team trainers. This we hadn’t anticipated. We knew we had a solid program, absolutely, but we didn’t count on athletes who make millions of dollars a year ignoring highly paid professionals and working out to a video. If we had, we might have done things a little differently. Knowing that the world was watching, we began P90X2 development searching for a consultant. We traveled as high up the food chain as possible, where we found Dr. Marcus Elliott. His training facility, P3 (Peak Performance Project), is at the absolute cutting edge of sport. Using the latest in equipment and applied science, P3’s client list reads like, well, the front page of the sports section. Dr. Elliott signed on as head of our Scientific Advisory Board, ensuring we had the means to raise the bar.”

Steve Edwards