P3 has tested, trained and developed programs for hundreds of professional baseball players, helping a high percentage of minor league players reach the big leagues, and further propelling many MLB players' career success. In 2010, Dr. Marcus Elliott became the first ever Director of Sports Science in Major League Baseball with the Seattle Mariners and helped the organization develop one of the best farm systems in baseball. EVERY athlete training at P3 or in the Seattle Mariners’ minor league system receives very personalized needs analysis and prescriptive training based careful biomechanical analysis and objective testing results. In baseball, we identify high-yield areas of training based on scientific knowledge of the kinetic chain and kinematic sequencing requirements of the rotational sport. Read More.


P3 is both the premier destination for NBA players looking to improve their physical performance and a trusted resource for NBA teams looking to maximize how they develop their athletes. The majority of our basketball assessment centers around a pair of force plates and a 3D motion-analysis system - gold standard equipment in the biomechanics industry. We utilize this technology to track thousands of kinetic and kinematic data points as players perform basketball-specific movements at max effort. We have now assessed over 700 NBA athletes and over 60% of the players currently in the NBA. This rich, high-fidelity data-set, consisting of MVPs, Finals MVPs, Dunk Champions and numerous All-Stars provides unmatched insight into what drives performance and what leads to injuries in NBA players. For a partial list of NBA clients - Read More.

Olympic Sports

P3 trained fifteen athletes leading up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Eight of these athletes medaled. We are able to effectively train such diverse sets of athletes by understanding the critical movements needed for each specific sport and finding precise ways to measure and analyze these movements. Possessing this acumen allows P3 to build and apply each individual’s tools to their specific sport through many advanced training complexes and methods. Currently P3 is overseeing the physical development of USA Men's Water Polo team. For a complete list of Olympic athletes. Read More.


Many of the critical movements in soccer are executed as forcefully and quickly as possible. Although these explosive movements are a major component of the sport, a significant part of many soccer athlete’s conditioning has long consisted of distance running, an event that clearly does not simulate or directly prepare an individual for powerful actions such as sprinting, cutting or jumping. At P3, we focus on making soccer players elite power athletes, while at the same time giving them the work capacity that allows them to give maximal effort throughout the course of a 90-minute match. 2012 MLS All-Star and Chivas USA Team MVP Dan Kennedy has spent his past three off-seasons at P3. For a complete list. Read More.

Action Sports

Performance training has not traditionally played a large role in sports such as surfing, skating and snowboarding. At P3, we are committed to changing the training paradigm in these and other action sports. Athletes competing in action sports need to possess the physical systems that allow them to deal with massive forces, link successive movements together, execute movements with a great deal of power and efficiency as well as develop the energy systems that allow them to give maximal effort throughout the course of competition. P3 Action Sport athlete's such as Yadin Nicol know what a difference precise, science based training can make. For complete list of action sport athletes. Read More.


P3 has had the opportunity to test and train many of the world's best beach and indoor volleyball players. Currently P3 is training the world's number eight women's beach volleyball team, the number nine men's team, and Nick Lucena who is on the number eight men's team in the world and in position to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. Much of these athlete’s success is a product of how quickly they produce peak force in multiple directions, as this equates to being in a better position to get to balls, execute passes, sets, blocks and attacks. For a complete list of P3 Volleyball athletes. Read More.

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