SenseLabs – How It Works

Senselabs - How It Works

SenseLab’s Performance Brain Training™ is a process which uses technology to provide an athlete with more information about what their brain is doing than their normal senses provide. It produces “real-time” feedback that helps athletes learn to associate the proper feeling with the most effective brainwave activity. This training allows athletes to learn how to suppress brainwaves associated with low performance and increase brainwaves associated with optimal brain function.

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Performance Brain Training starts by placing a brainwave sensor headset on the athlete. The sensors interpret how the brain is functioning by listening to the brain’s electro-chemical activity. SenseLabs’s software converts this activity into graphs and scores to provide the athlete with visual feedback as to what state their brain is currently in. As their brain state moves toward focus, the athlete can see the graph move upward and the score increase. Similarly, as they become distracted, the graph moves down and the score decreases. For training purposes, SenseLabs converts some of these graphs into video games whereby the game accelerates toward a goal when the brain’s activity is optimal and slows down or stops when the brain shifts from this optimal state.

Measurement is the key to all advances in peak performance and being able to measure the mental game is finally available. SenseLab’s Performance Brain Training algorithms provide athletes with the technology to train and quantify mental performance in the same way a stop watch is used to measure an athlete’s speed or a force plate is used to measure an athlete’s horizontal force. (source: