In the News

In the News

Rebuilding Kyle Korver of Atlanta Hawks

ESPN/December 7

When an Expense Becomes a Wise Investment Choice

New York Times/November 30

Drummond’s Backboard Dominance Borders on Astounding: ‘It’s Pretty Phenomenal’ – SVG

NBA/November 19

What Will Basketball Look Like in the Future

Popular Science/November 4

Joakim Noah’s California Summer Could Make Bulls a Contender

CBS Sports/October 16

‘Bouncier’ Noah Ready to Bring Fun Back to the Game

ESPN/October 4

Twin Towers Redux? Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah Aim to Turn Back Clock in Chicago

Bleacher Report/October 2

38-Year-Old Vince Carter Shows He Still Has Hops at P3 Sports Science Institute

Bleacher Report/September 30

Draft Part of the Overall NBA Proving Ground for Prospects

NBA/June 22

Making the Case for Being the Number 1 Pick: Jahlil Okafor

ESPN/June 22

Training with Frank Kaminsky: The Big Man Steps it Up for the NBA Draft

Sports Illustrated/June 17

Rebuilding a Champion: An Exclusive Look at Azarenka’s Fitness Regime

Tennis/March 25

Kyle Korver’s Misogi

ESPN/February 23

Want to Avoid Injuries? NBA Teams are Looking to Marcus Elliott for Answers

Sports Illustrated/December 23

How I Compare to an NBA Point Guard

Sports Illustrated/December 23

P3: Assessing Injuries Before They Happen

Sports Illustrated/December 23

The One-Day a Year Fitness Plan

Outside Magazine/December 9

Raptors Banking On Big Payoff from Improved Movement

NBA/October 31

Al Jefferson: Big Man, Big Effort

NBA/October 21

Toronto Raptors’ Future Includes DeMar DeRozan, But What About Amir Johnson?

National Post/October 3

NBA Windows: The Rockets’ Missing Third Superstar and the NBA’s Continuity Problem

Grantland/September 30

The Next Big Thing in Sports Data: Predicting (and Avoiding) Injuries

Fastcompany/August 25

Kyle Korver: An Offense Unto Himself

Grantland/July 29

Aaron Gordon’s Draft Diary, Part Four

Slamonline/June 24

Andrew Wiggins Joins First Take

ESPN First Take/May 19

Kyle Korver’s Streak Goes Way Beyond Shooting Talent

Bleacher Report/January 14

Specialty Performance Training at P3

NBA/October 21

How the Jazz Spent Their Summer Vacation at P3 – Part 2

Salt City Hoops/September 27

How the Jazz Spent Their Summer Vacation at P3 – Part 1

Salt City Hoops/September 19

New science, strategy may halt rate of arm injuries

MLB/September 13

The science behind Muhammad’s stock

ESPN Insider/May 30

Peter Hudnut prepares for last chance at glory

ESPN/May 2

Jazz notes: Utah’s top players stay healthy in lockout season

Salt Lake City Tribune/April 25

Jefferson, Jazz ready for leap to postseason

Associated Press/April 24

Al Thornton making strides to get healthy, improve game and get back to the NBA

Sporting News/April 5

Mariners Team Health Report 2012

Sports Illustrated/March 1

Bullpen openings motivate Dylan Axelrod

ESPN/February 26

Block City: Utah Jazz among NBA’s best at swatting shots

Salt Lake City Tribune/January 31, 2012

NBA: Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson hopes to avoid late-season fade

Salt Lake Tribune/January 8, 2012

Shots falling for Korver

Chicago Tribune/January 1, 2012

Home runs come from the hips: expert explains the science of P90X

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/December 14, 2011

Warriors’ Biedrins regaining ’08-’09 form

San Francisco Chronicle/December 11, 2011

Utah Jazz: Favors muscles up during NBA lockout

Salt Lake Tribune/September 23, 2011

Seattle’s Jack Zduriencik remains committed to rebuilding Mariners

LA Times/September 3, 2011

Name cleared, Domicone ready to help the Buckeyes

Dayton Daily News/August 24, 2011

Trevor Bauer Will Not Be Babied

Sports Illustrated/August 15, 2011

Prevention improves athlete performance, from Joyner-Kersee to Korver

Medill Reports Chicago/September 19, 2010

After checkered pasts, Twins’ Young, Pavano hit their strides

USA Today/September 16, 2010

Rockies’ Spilborghs looks to clean up again after peaceful offseason

The Denver Post/March 2, 2010

Mariners Say Goodbye to Their Weight Room

The New York Times/March 2, 2010

Mariners’ Fitness Program Not Just Heavy Lifting

Kitsap Sun/February 26, 2010

Mariners dispensing with loaded barbells

ESPN Sweet Spot/February 25, 2010

Mariners’ Rob Johnson Hoping for Healthy Hips

USA Today, February 25, 2010

No Weighting for Mariners New Conditioning Program

The Seattle Times/February 25, 2010

Mariners Seem Impressed By New Training Regimen

The Seattle Times/February 25, 2010

Paging Dr. Elliott

Seattle Sports Insider/February 9, 2010

M’s Serious About Player Development

Kitsap Sun/February 1, 2010

The ’09-’10 Off-Season and Player Development

U.S.S. Mariner/February 5, 2010

Baseball Trainer of the Year: Dr. Marcus Elliott

Baseball Savvy/January 21, 2010

Millsap: Blue collar man for Utah Jazz

Salt Lake Tribune/October 13, 2009

Utah Jazz: Challenged by team’s management, Andrei Kirilenko spent summer adding muscle mass

Fox Sports/September 28, 2009

Jazz Notes – Wednesday Notes

Salt Lake Tribune/June 10, 2009

Jazz Notes – Visiting P3

Salt Lake Tribune/November 8, 2008

Pro Ball-Players Train at Santa Barbara’s Peak Performance Project: Baseball Stars Overcome the ‘Roid Rage

SB Independent/February 21, 2008

The New Delmon

Star Tribune/February 11, 2008

Duvendeck Eyes Sprint in Beijing

Velo News/February 6, 2008

Considering its gift of flab, NFL would be wise to downsize 7, 2006

New Sensation: Though volleyball didn’t exist at his high school or college, the late-starting Gibb quickly moves to the top of the pro beach tour with Metzger 17, 2005

Borchard swats 504-foot blast 30, 2004

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