Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy


Dan was drafted by the New York MetroStars in 2005 before joining Puerto Rico in the USL. A stint in Chile with Municipal Iquique paved the way for a return to MLS with Chivas USA. During his time as a professional, prior to P3, Dan had suffered a number of serious injuries (Missed the entire 2009 season due to a knee injury suffered in preseason and missed the majority of the 2010 season after tearing the bicep tendon in his left arm), and therefore was only able to start a total of 14 MLS games. Coming off of his bicep tendon tear and knowing that he would be going into Chivas USA camp as the third string goalie, Dan committed to finding a more science based approach to both prevent future injuries and improve performance.


The first objective with Dan was to correct mechanical and postural issues that increased risk of back pain/strain, limited hip and thoracic extension and ultimately reduced the amount of power he could produce. As a goalie, Dan needs to possess a good deal of lower extremity power, have as much reach as possible and be strong in an extended position, so overhead stability movements that simultaneously targeted lower extremity strength and mobility, complexed with explosive plyometrics that forced hip extension in multiple directions became a staple of Dan’s training. Stimulus response and nervous system work to build quickness, agility and faster reaction times were also emphasized as a way to simulate the demands of goalkeeper.


Dan has made considerable gains in his ability to rapidly produce a large amount of force in multiple directions, which allows him to get to more balls and make more saves. His ability to now maintain an upright posture in the mid-back gives him more reach and allows him to be stronger and safer than ever in extended positions.


Dan started 14 games in three seasons as an MLS goalkeeper prior to training at P3. After one off-season, Dan not only won the starting job, he went on to start 32 consecutive games and was named Chivas USA’s 2011 Team MVP.