Brennan Boesch

Brennan Boesch


Drafted in the 3rd round of the 2006 Major League Baseball Draft by the Detroit Tigers, Brennan Boesch spent two full seasons with the Single-A Western Michigan Whitecaps in 2007 and Lakeland Flyers in 2008.


Despite being very strong and having a great frame, Brennan had low to moderate power numbers during his college years and first two years in professional baseball, never hitting more than 10 home runs in a season. In the fall of 2008, Shortly after his second full season in professional baseball, Brennan discovered P3.


During Brennan’s initial evaluation it was clear that he had trouble with Relaxation and Tempo in all movements (limits power and efficient kinematics), as well poor thoracic extension and shoulder stability (postural issues led to back pain and mechanical flaws). He also could not separate vertical and horizontal forces in rotation (changing levels during rotation makes it difficult for hitters to make consistent contact and get proper flight and trajectory on the ball).


Teaching Brennan how to accelerate through power based movements and prescribing movements that forced him to relax and reduce internal resistance has helped him realize his true power potential. We placed heavy emphasis on teaching and training Brennan to utilize his lower half to generate force during rotation. Being connected and relaxed from the ground up has enabled Brennan to not only increase his rotational power, but be more consistent and efficient when rotating.

Shown above is Force Plate Data as Brennan Boesch, makes a lateral plyometric movement. The Red lines represents horizontal force and the Blue lines represents vertical force. Small lines are Pre Off-Season Training; Solid lines are Post Off-Season Training.


Not only did the quantity of force greatly increase (20%) during training, but Brennan also changed the way he produces this maximal force, which enables Brennan to reach Peak Force 30% faster. Brennan was also able to separate horizontal and vertical forces forces more efficiently which correlates with being able to stay in the correct plane when rotating or hitting.


Results After several months of consistent training, Brennan showed up to 2009 spring training a completely different player and went on have career high’s in all major offensive categories including Home Runs (28), RBI’s (93), Extra Base Hits (61), Runs (89), and OPS (.828). His break out season led him to the Big League’s where he has been a force in the middle of the Tigers Line up ever since. In the 3 seasons leading up to his time at P3 he hit a combined 22 Home Runs. Since then, in 3 seasons he has connected for 61 Home Runs and become one of the games brightest young power prospects.