Applied Sports Science

Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention Intelligence

P3 was founded in 2006 by Dr. Marcus Elliott, a Harvard trained physician, with the expressed goal of bringing a more data-driven approach to understanding athlete movement and development for performance optimization.  P3 is the first performance facility to utilize advanced sports science technologies to assess and train professional athletes. We have a rich history of supporting and advising professional sports organizations with cutting-edge assessment, prescription and training services. Hundreds of elite athletes have benefited from P3 and we have the data to prove it.

P3’s staff consists of biomechanists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists and strength coaches who have trained in applied fields at the nation’s finest institutions. This innovative team operates at the intersection of sports science, athletic performance and data analytics and has been revolutionizing the way professional athletes are assessed and trained for over 10-years.

By working together, the P3 team is able to take the thousands of data points generated from 3D Motion Capture and Force Plate testing and translate it into reliable intelligence and actionable information. The P3 “Movement Fingerprint” database comprised of thousands of pro athlete assessments provides further insight into athlete biomechanics and performance trends. Unlike most new sports science companies, training is in our DNA. We believe that hard (and precise) training develops the physical qualities that allow athletes to excel and avoid injury. This combination of experience training and coaching elite athletes paired with advanced assessment and expert interpretation leads to more effective program design, appropriate training and ultimately healthier, stronger, higher performing athletes.