Performance Brain Training

The brain is the command center that drives the body’s performance. How it functions affects an athlete’s control of focus, speed of reaction, quality of sleep, efficiency of motor movement, emotional reactivity, and ability to mentally recover after an error.

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Although mental and physical systems are interlinked very tightly, P3 paid little attention to the mental side of performance as compared to the physical side in the past, due to the fact that it had been next to impossible to quantify. Thanks to breakthroughs in neuro-technology, this has changed. P3 partnered with SenseLabs (formerly Neurotopia) as a means of better understanding and improving peak mental performance of athletes. SenseLabs provides our athletes with the cutting-edge of advanced neuro-diagnostic technology and performance brain training.

“Being able to quantify and train mental performance systems, similarly to how we quantify physical systems, is very exciting and will prove to be the new frontier in performance.” – Dr. Marcus Elliott.